Our New VW Crafter

We finally picked up our new Van! After having so much trouble to find a free standing house where we could make music without disturbing anyone or being disturbed, we decided to go for our original idea that we already had in Chicago and live full time in a van.

The Transition to Life on The Road

Joe and I recently found ourselves stranded at the main station in Berlin. At 4am with a two hour layover, we decided it’s a good time to sum up what our life looked like in the past few months and which plans we made for the upcoming ones.  

Making Money on the Road

We’ve been brainstorming for quite some time now how we can make money while we’re traveling. “Digital Nomad” seems to be the magic word. We found a few websites like “Fiverr” and “Upwork” that have a pretty big network for all types of freelance work. There are writers, designers, voice artists, translators, video editors, etc……

Our New VW Multivan

Last week we bought a Volkswagen T4 Multivan and named it “Elliot.” The name was cleverly chosen by Linda’s Mom using our initials and their German pronunciation; “L” (pronounced “Ell”) and “J” (pronounced “Yuht”). Put them together and voila, “Elliot!”

Traveling the World

When we watched the first 10 minutes of “Expedition Happiness” I thought we would be ending up copying this couple. Living in a van, driving through amazing landscapes, getting inspiration on the way. But after watching the whole movie, Joe and I agreed that our movie would be different. Our goals are different. Of course…