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“I discovered Joe und Linda through the TV (WDR Lokalzeit – was macht Linda). The experience was wonderful! Unforgettable hours having them in my livingroom.”

Guido & Ruth

“We know Linda since Fistball times and have accompanied her career in person and through the media. The performance was sensational!! In addition to the great voices of Linda and Joe, we were absolutely thrilled about their instrument-versatility. Their appearance in front of 100 guests at our birthday party was the highlight, which completely thrilled all … Continue reading Lena & Thomas

Lena & Thomas

“Joe und Linda found us through Couchsurfing.com. Already when we greeted the two we knew that it will be a fantastic evening. Both of them are super friendly, relaxed and open minded and excited us for two hours with their music. We didn’t only enjoy the great musical evening but also the conversations together! The … Continue reading Tanja & Tony

Tanja & Tony

“We were very lucky to be invited to this great house concert of friends to get to know Linda and Joe, as well as their musical philosophy, in person. If there is someone who lives and loves their music it’s these two, who with their passion excited, thrilled, and enchanted the whole audience. You can’t avoid … Continue reading Anne & Alma

Anne & Alma

“I discovered Joe und Linda through SofaConcerts. Joe and Linda have given us and our guests an unforgettable evening. The musicians are so versatile in their instrumental choice. Their own songs moved us to tears. It was wonderful. We want to welcome Joe and Linda back next year.”


“I discovered Joe und Linda through SofaConcerts. It was a fantastic show. Joe and Linda played 2 hours and convinced the listeners with their wonderful voices, playing e-piano, guitars, and trumpet. In their songs they tell living histories.”


“Joe sent me a request on Couchsurfing, asking me if I want to host him for a house concert. It was a great experience and so much fun! The atmosphere was great and they’re both such talented musicians and beautiful people. I loved hosting them and it was such an easy flowing event with an awesome … Continue reading Jenny


“I discovered these great musicians through SofaConcerts. “….wonderful concert. Amazing band…” “…it was a wonderful event…” “…a wonderful evening with two extraordinary young musicians…” “A couple who live their dream…” “… they are so sweet…” This are only some of the impressions of my guest. All of us loved Joe and Linda’s music and sound. They … Continue reading Nina


“Linda and Joe contacted us via couchsurfing and asked if we were interested in a house concert. After listening to their music and seeing the two in the video, an appointment was made. Linda and Joe played and sang a wonderful garden concert for our friends and many dear people from our little village and us. … Continue reading Annette & Christian

Annette & Christian

“Friends of mine, Annette and Christian from Groß Schneen, discovered Linda and Joe and invited me to share the Concert. The experience was great, wonderful. I’ve never been to a House Concert before and I really enjoyed It. You are great and very talented musicians, I liked your songs a lot and the way you performed … Continue reading Silke


“Hi Linda and Joe, I was thrilled about your garden concert in Klein Schneen. We had good weather that day, but even in bad weather, your concert would have been a complete success. The voices, the musical instruments, just everything fit. Thank you for the nice evening. The visit was worth it. Thanks also to Annette … Continue reading Werner


“We discovered Linda and Joe on the SofaConcerts platform. The concert in our Garden was a wonderful experience. Two people who love each other and the music have given us and our guests an unforgettable evening. Everyone is still very excited. Joe is a multi-talented musician who plays keyboard, guitar and trumpet and has a … Continue reading Gaby & Uwe

Gaby & Uwe

“We discovered Linda and Joe at a garden-concert in Bergkamen, where my better half and I were invited, thanks to Gaby and Uwe. Nobody from the audience knew what awaited us, so we were completly surprised. Linda and Joe are a young couple, we realized that they love what they do with their whole hearts. … Continue reading Frank & Margret

Frank & Margret

“Joe and Linda are very obliging and loving people, with whom we were allowed to spend a wonderful musical evening. Both play several instruments and impressed us with their performance. The communication went smoothly and always politely. We can only warmly recommend Joe and Linda to others! We were all very excited and will certainly … Continue reading Sofia & Gunnar

Sofia & Gunnar

“What a wonderful meeting with Linda and Joe. Everything seemed to be in a flow from the very first beginning when they asked me to give a concert at my home. Instead of playing in my living room with a small amount of people, they gave a concert in the garden for more than 80 openhearted … Continue reading Sandra


“We met Linda & Joe on a house concert in Düsseldorf and invited them for a party in Neukirchen-Vluyn. All our guests were enthusiastic towards their performance and we hope to arrange some bigger event in the near future.”

Klaus & Edith

“Dear Linda, dear Joe, What does one need for an unforgettable party? Good mood, dear guests, and as we surely know from recently, a house concert from you both. What a great hour you have given us!You are not only fantastic musicians (Linda, your wonderful voice is as unforgotten as Joes fantastic solo on the brand … Continue reading Ulrike


“We have known Linda since she was a young girl. She sang in all concerts of our choir with her wonderful voice – as a soloist! After she married Joe, they both came to Germany and we immediately invited them for a Christmas concert last year! All people have been enthusiastic about Linda and Joe! So we … Continue reading Monika / Frauenchor Erkrath

Monika / Frauenchor Erkrath

“We were invited to a garden party with Joe und Linda some months ago. After we saw Joe und Linda at the garden party we immediately decided to do our own party, and it was even better than our first experience. You can see and feel how they both love to do these concerts and … Continue reading Andrea & Rainer

Andrea & Rainer

“I discovered Joe und Linda through an invitation. Music at home? Domestic music? I only remembered boring evenings in my family with piano and recorder playing. What a surprise, what a difference with Joe and Linda. House music very professional. Thank you for the wonderful afternoon!”


“Joe sent me a request on CouchSurfing, asking if I would like to host a concert. I was about to move to a new place and his request just fit perfectly for a “Goodbye Party”. Joe and Linda gave a very emotional concert and made the evening for my son and for myself really magical. I … Continue reading Johanna


“I discovered Joe und Linda at a Birthday Garden Concert in Tostedt. It was a wonderful concert in the garden with friends. Joe and Linda have a huge repertoire of music. They play pieces of well-known bands, but they also compose and play their own pieces, which lyrically deal with your life, nature and the interpersonal … Continue reading Carmine


“We discovered Linda and Joe at a Hofparty that friends invited us to last summer. And they recently rocked our Carport Glühwein Party. First of all, they are both extremely talented and professional. It seems there is not an instrument that Joe can’t play and Linda’s voice is both powerful and angelic 🙂 Then there is their … Continue reading Tanja & Patrick

Tanja & Patrick

“Joe und Linda were guests at a carport party at my friends. Awesome voices, great little concert! Loved the Queen songs 🙂 “


Joe and Linda provided the ideal music to our Valentine‘s Day event at our small venue, the „KulturMühle Buchhagen“. They are both very professional – Linda’s singing voice as well as Joe’s skills on the instruments. They performed a well balanced variety of covers and their own songs – and they are both very likable … Continue reading Ruth – KulturMühle Buchhagen

Ruth – KulturMühle Buchhagen

Joe und Linda discovered me on Couchsurfing. Luckily. : ) They performed in our living room for me and my friends. It was a really amazing experience. We enjoyed their versatile set of songs a lot and were amazed by their musical talent. Not only did we enjoy the music, but also sharing some nice conversations … Continue reading Ea


I discovered Joe and Linda on SofaConcerts, or rather, they discovered me as the host for a concert. Joe and Linda are not only really great musicians but also incredibly simpatico, open, and authentic. With their stories, songs, and their positive charisma, they immediately had the audience on their side. We spent a wonderful evening with … Continue reading Katrin


The concert with Joe and Linda was uplifting, wonderful, an evening of exuberant joy. The two are so talented, their songs so true and wise, their music fascinating. We are happy to have met you, and we got plenty of feedback from friends who said the same. Thanks a lot and hope to meet again … Continue reading Moni & Jonas

Moni & Jonas

Joe und Linda were our neighbours 🙂 They played a garden concert for us and we really liked it! Such a likable and talented couple! Thank you so much, we are looking forward to seeing you again soon! 🙂

Philip & Miriam

I discovered Joe and Linda on an invitation for a garden concert that had to be postponed I found the link to Joe and Linda’s webpage and got my first impression via the videos on there. Linda and Joe played a big part in making the wedding of my sister unforgettable; the atmosphere they created with … Continue reading Jan


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