“What a wonderful meeting with Linda and Joe. Everything seemed to be in a flow from the very first beginning when they asked me to give a concert at my home. Instead of playing in my living room with a small amount of people, they gave a concert in the garden for more than 80 openhearted people. With their music they touched people´s moods and brought smiles to their faces and a lot of happiness in their hearts. Joe and Linda are so natural, approachable, and open minded people who sing about issues of life that might concern everyone. Even their cover songs make the audience sing, dance, and clap their hands. Linda’s voice is just amazing with so much energy and brightness. Her songs touched my heart deeply. Joe is a multitalent; he plays guitar, piano, drums, trompete, and sings with a very warm voice. His jokes made the audience laugh.

As they stayed at my home for one night we had a bit more time to talk and got into an exchange of experiences, ideas of living life, and inspirations. With their open-minded nature they also interacted with my son Leif. Joe showed him some drum tricks and Linda played Kalaha (a stone game) with him. They won his heart very quickly.

It seemed that they just came at the right time to the right place…A magic coincidence…”
― Sandra