Give the Gift of Music!

More and more, people have been requesting our “personalized birthday-song videos” as a gift for their loved ones…SO…we are now offering this as a service!

Here are some recent examples:

Using professional equipment, we can customize the video & music to the person of your choice, include special photos/videos, and afterwards send you links to an “unlisted” YouTube video (for sharing) as well as a full quality version (for download).


We/You record a personal intro
– Include video greetings (from family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
– Include additional photos & videos

– Traditional “Happy Birthday” song arrangement
– Original “Happy Birthday” song arrangement (created by J&L)
– Customized “Happy Birthday” arrangement (in a preferred style or similar to a preferred artist)

– Simple instrumentation (piano or guitar)
– Multiple instruments (piano or guitar + other instruments such as: trumpet, drums, bass-guitar, ukulele, percussion, etc.).

*(All video productions are filmed, recorded, and edited with the same professional equipment. You will receive the same high quality video & audio regardless of which options you choose).

If you (or someone you know) would be interested in gifting a personalized birthday-song video, please write us at and tell us your ideas!


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