The Perfect Time

Music & Lyrics by JoeJoe – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums The Perfect Time – Explained Lyrics by Joe [Verse 1]I always hear the same old wordsIt’s so absurdI can’t believe my earsAnd when it’s all been said and doneYou’ll be the oneStanding with me here [Pre-chorus 1]Sing me this song when I am feeling blueCan’t…

What Life Is To Me

Music & Lyrics by Linda Linda – Vocals, Piano, Bass Joe – Trumpet, Drums What Life Is To Me – Explained Lyrics by Linda [Verse 1]Mama told me to be carefulDaddy told me to be smartSchool has made me all too fearfulRising pressure from the start Get the highest educationSave up for a rainy dayTravel…

Awoke In The Springtime

Music & Lyrics by JoeLinda – VocalsJoe – Vocals, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Trumpets Mike Pinto – Guitar ( Awoke In The Springtime – Explained Lyrics by Joe [Verse 1]Awoke in the springtimeCovered in sunshineNever have I felt so fineThe winter’s now overI can’t believe I feel this goodIt’s been a long long time [Pre-chorus 1]Turn…

There’s More To Life

Music & Lyrics by JoeLinda – VocalsJoe – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, DrumsYogi Lonich – Guitar Solos ( There’s More To Life – Explained Lyrics by Joe [Verse1]I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout the liesStuck inside my headTotal bullshit in disguiseEarly on we’re fedAnd now I feel the painDeep within my soulAn inner dissonanceFinally takes its toll [Verse…

Dark & Light

Music & Lyrics by LindaLinda – Vocals, Piano, BassJoe – GuitarNibandh Nadkarni – Drum Programming Molly Rife – Cello ( Dark & Light – Explained Lyrics by Linda [Intro – Piano Solo] [Verse 1]Lay all your life on the kitchen floorThe truth is about to be seenNothing to hide or to lie here forThis one’s…

I Miss The Summer

Music & Lyrics by JoeLinda – Vocals, KeyboardsJoe – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums I Miss The Summer – Explained Lyrics by Joe [Verse 1]Here comes the coldThere goes my hopeAnd energyCan’t sleep enoughAnd when I’m upI’m still asleepStuck in a terrible moodEating just way too much foodI’m on the verge of losing my mindBecause… [Pre-chorus…


Music by JoeLyrics by Joe & Linda Linda – VocalsJoe – Vocals, Piano, Bass, Drums Someday – Explained Lyrics by Joe & Linda [Verse 1]I know I will find youNo matter how long it takes ’til you’re here in my lifeI know I would kiss youIf only you would knock on my door tonight [Pre-chorus…

Quincy – Inspirational Quotes

Almost one year ago, we watched the documentary “Quincy” while waiting in Reykjavik for our connection flight from Düsseldorf to Chicago. It’s about the life of Quincy Jones. How he came to be the successful musician, arranger and producer. With the documentary came so many quotes (most of them by Quincy, but also Ray Charles…

House Concert in Klein Schneen

When we arrived at our hosts Annette and Christian, we saw that their front yard was a bee paradise. So many different, beautiful flowers! We went to the front door and found the most peculiar door bell. We had to turn a little key which would ring (similar to a bike bell) inside the house.…

House Concert #2 in Bielefeld

Nina has a beautiful apartment which she has decorated very tastefully. When we arrived three friends were already preparing for the concert. One of them was Dami from Australia! We really had an international audience this tour 🙂

House Concert #1 in Bielefeld

We found our host Jenny on CouchSurfing and her profile already seemed super interesting. She has traveled a lot with the help of CouchSurfing and now wants to give these great opportunities back to that community. She’s currently doing an apprenticeship to become a carpenter! How cool is that?!

Public Concert @ Andrea’s Glücksmasche

Our next stop after Paderborn was Horn-Bad Meinberg. This little village is the home of Andrea’s Glücksmasche, a shop for knitting supplies. The special thing about this store is that next door the owners Andrea and Ingo opened a café where they host workshops, book readings, and concerts.

Public Concert @ FreiWerk Paderborn

Last week we’ve been on our July-Tour through the Ostwestfalen-Lippe area. Our first stop was the FreiWerk in Paderborn. It’s an open workshop space where you can build furniture (or whatever you can envision) out of wood, which is especially great if you can’t use your Dad’s workshop because you’re a student who now lives…

House Concert in Schmallenberg

The last stop on our mini-tour last weekend was the beautiful town Schmallenberg, in the High Sauerland District. It was our first concert booked through SofaConcerts and apparently the very first house concert for our hosts Bettina and Dietmar. Therefore, it was extra important for us that they have a nice experience.

House Concert in Leipzig

Our hosts were Anja and Maik. Both love to travel – like us – and get to know new people and their music. They host concerts regularly and listen to the music of their former guest musicians whenever possible.

House Concert in Erfurt

Last Friday we performed in Erfurt-Germany for our hosts Tanja and Tony. They welcomed us into their beautiful home that they share with their cute tortoise, Egon 🙂

I Love Rock ‘n‘ Roll

The last week we’ve been on tour with the band Altitudes&Attitude. Joe plays the drums on their Europe tour. For most of the time we’re even touring with Slash from Guns n’ Roses featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. It’s been an exciting week.

Our Holiday Concert Performance

Last Sunday we played at the Christmas Concert of the Frauenchor Erkrath in the Stadthalle Erkrath. While Linda has performed in this concert for almost 20 years, it was the first time we both participated together.

We’ve been featured on German TV!

Beginning in 2009, the “Lokalzeit Düsseldorf” (a local news program broadcasted in Düsseldorf and surrounding areas) has followed Linda during her studies and the start of her singing career. Most recently, they have produced a video about the two of us; discussing our unique story and our plans to travel and perform throughout Europe!

Re-Learning the Piano

Recently I started practicing piano again in preparation for our gig on December 16th.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Yesterday we saw Bohemian Rhapsody (in Germany it was released on Oct. 31st so we got an early start 😉 ) and we really, really liked it.


Hand-in-hand with our travel is the desire to write, record, and perform our original music. Both of us had a number of incomplete song ideas, which with the other person’s help, are finally coming to life. Utilizing a rather simple recording setup, we have begun tracking for the preliminary demo.