Our New VW Crafter

We finally picked up our new Van! After experiencing an enormous amount of trouble during our search to find a free standing house (where we could make music without restrictions), we decided to revisit our previous idea (that we already had in Chicago) and live full time in a van. So we researched which car would be the best fit and discovered that the VW Crafter (the mid-long version) was the perfect option. It was imperative that we would have enough space to accommodate all our gear, make music, and be able to cook and sleep in it. This was already the basic idea when we bought Elliot but in my opinion you have to be able to stand up in a car to really live in it. Plus, the amount of gear we have has expanded over the past year, also because we discovered the possibility of busking. During the past two years, Elliot made it possible for us to get our concert tours/music business up and running. Thank you, Pal! But to live full time on the road, we needed to expand.

Of course with our luck, we found our “dream car” in the far side of Germany (Dresden). But that wouldn’t stop us. We sold our beloved VW T4 Bus “Elliot” to a super nice couple that will take very good care of him and went on an 14 hour train ride odyssey to get to Dresden. And FINALLY here it is:

We’re still thinking of a name for this white giant… Feel free to make suggestions 🙂

The next step of the plan that’s occupying much of our time/energy is the conversion process. Fortunately, we have a good friend who is a carpenter and helps us with the difficult parts. Of course, we document every step and it’s so much fun to see how the inside slowly evolves into our home. We’re excited to see the finished product and finally pack up and go explore Europe (and the world) full time!


P.S.: Here you can see highlights from our conversion process:

Ep. 1: Removing the Interior Panels

Ep. 2: Removing the Floor & Cleaning

Ep. 3: Installing the First Roof Window

Ep. 4: Installing the 2nd Window, Insulating, & Preparing the Floor

Ep. 5: Finishing the Floor

Ep. 6: Preparing the Wall Paneling

Ep. 7: Installing the Side Window

Ep. 8: Wall & Ceiling Sub-Construction

Ep. 9: Installing the Wall Paneling

Ep. 10: Painting the Ceiling

Ep. 11: Installing Our Custom Ceiling

Ep. 12: Building the Furniture

Ep. 13: Preparing the Mattress

Ep. 14: Building the Kitchen

Ep. 15: The Finishing Touches


Our Power Station Has FINALLY Arrived !!!

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