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Hand-in-hand with our travel is the desire to write, record, and perform our original music. Both of us had a number of incomplete song ideas, which with the other person’s help, are finally coming to life. Utilizing a rather simple recording setup, we have begun tracking for the preliminary demo.

Recording is a process that’s taken me years to refine. I recall really honing these skills while living/working in Los Angeles. When the clock’s ticking and money’s being spent, you quickly sharpen your game. Since we’re doing this ourselves, there’s no pressure and plenty of time to develop the songs to their greatest potential.

I believe there’s an art to everything, and song writing/recording is no exception. You’re basically organizing sound in such a way that not only evokes emotion from you the artist, but hopefully the listener as well. Along with the actual music is some kind of message in the form of lyrics; these can’t be too literal nor too abstract. The trick is finding the right balance for all the components involved, and when you do, it’s pure magic!

– J



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