We finished the movie “Expedition Happiness” yesterday. It was nice. We liked it. But it was different than we expected.

We started watching it because we hoped to get inspiration on how we can travel Europe and maintain ourselves at the same time. When you think about traveling the world it’s easy to think of destinations. The hard part is to figure out how to pay for food and gas and how to get from one place to the other. Our plan is basically to buy a van (hopefully a good deal with a LPG tank) and then to couchsurf or sleep in the van, give house concerts, write a travel/inspirational blog (welcome to this first entry), and also to figure out a lot on the road as we go. But a huge part would also be videos and eventually a movie about the whole experience.

When we watched the first 10 minutes of “Expedition Happiness” I thought we would be ending up copying this couple. Living in a van, driving through amazing landscapes, getting inspiration on the way. But after watching the whole movie, Joe and I agreed that our movie would be different. Our goals are different. Of course we want to show our travels and the people we meet, but we also want to change the viewer.

We want to share our thoughts, inspire people to think differently, interview locals, and talk about the fears/frustrations that everyone in this world has. The mission is to connect people, to make them understand others but even more themselves and therefore changing the world.

This is a big claim and we don’t know what we will find during our journey. Maybe our final movie will have a completely different message than we first expected. We only know that it will change us and everyone who shares this journey with us. We don’t want to show how we travel the world, we want to document what this experience does to us; what we learn, think, and feel on the way. About ourselves and humankind.

– LIMG_0058






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